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Tips for Finding Accommodation When Traveling to Japan

It is impossible not to stay overnight when traveling to Japan. You will definitely need to book accommodation for a place to stay while you are there. In fact, the online booking process for accommodation there is not much different from when you are traveling domestically. However, you need to know that Japan offers many types of accommodation, unlike Indonesia, which tends to be more straightforward.

Types of Accommodation in Japan

To avoid choosing the wrong accommodation when traveling to Japan, let’s find out the types of accommodation available in Japan.


For those interested in experiencing their days being immersed in Japanese culture, staying in a ryokan is the right choice. Ryokan is an accommodation filled with Japanese atmosphere, from its shoji doors and tatami mats to low-legged tables in the lounging area. If you often watch Japanese dramas or anime and there are scenes of staying overnight in an inn with an onsen, that is how the atmosphere of a ryokan feels like. A ryokan is usually located in areas that are still rich in Japanese culture and in areas with onsen as tourist attractions. The rates at a ryokan are quite expensive, but you will be pampered with Japanese-style meals and atmosphere, which will make you feel special.

Guest House

Guest houses in Japan are slightly different from those in Indonesia. In Indonesia, guest houses are often accommodations with modest facilities but still provide individual rooms. Meanwhile, if you are traveling to Japan and choose a guest house as your accommodation, you will find a different atmosphere. Staying in a guest house in Japan means you will be staying with other guests you do not know. You will be given your own bed and an area to put your belongings (this facility may vary in each guest house). As for bathrooms and other common areas, including bedrooms, you will be sharing them with other guests, unless you come with a group to occupy one entire room. The advantage is that you can make new friends here because you can interact with other guests.

Capsule Hotel

As the name suggests, a capsule hotel is an accommodation with a concept of capsule-shaped beds. You will have your own minimalist sleeping capsule that can only fit one person. In one room, there are many capsules, allowing you to share the space with other guests. Each capsule may come with a door, but some are only covered with a curtain. If you want to be more comfortable, you can choose a capsule with a door. Not only that, but inside the capsule, you will also find facilities such as electrical outlets and a television. However, each capsule hotel may offer different facilities.


Just like in Indonesia or other countries, you can also stay in an Airbnb in Japan. Many Japanese people rent out their homes specifically for tourists to stay in. The advantage is that you can experience firsthand what it is like to live in a Japanese home or apartment. The accommodation system is not much different from Airbnb in Indonesia, so if you have stayed in Airbnb domestically, you will not be confused when staying in Airbnb while traveling to Japan.

Tips for Finding Accommodation When Traveling to Japan

Now that you know the various types of accommodation available in Japan, you just need to decide which one to choose. Actually, the key lies in your budget.

Shared accommodations, such as guest houses and capsule hotels typically, offer cheaper rates compared to other types of accommodations. As for Airbnb, the rates offered vary widely depending on the room size, facilities, and the number of guests staying. The most expensive accommodations are ryokans and modern hotels which are similar to regular hotels in Japan. Modern hotels in Japan are similar to hotels in Indonesia, where you will have a private room and a private bathroom. These hotels are unlike other accommodations in Japan that typically have shared bathrooms.

So, if you value your privacy, you can choose to stay in modern hotels, Airbnb, or ryokan. However, if you enjoy meeting new people and mingling, guest houses and capsule hotels can be the right choice.

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