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Don't Forget to Install These Applications before Going to Japan!

You have prepared your visa, passport, clothes, plane tickets, and Travel Insurance to Japan from MSIG Indonesia and are ready to go on a holiday to Japan. Is that enough? If you have been to Japan before, preparing those things may be enough. If this is your first time going to Japan, you will definitely need other things that can help you while you are there, for example, some of the navigation applications below:

Halal Navi

Japan continues to promote its tourism industry to make it Muslim-friendly by providing various facilities needed by Muslims, such as prayer facilities and halal restaurants. This application will help Muslim tourists find the locations of prayer facilities and also halal restaurants.

This application is also very easy to use. You only need to install it and select the available menu. For example, if you want to find the nearest prayer facility, you can select the "nearby" menu. You can also search for places to eat based on the landmarks or tourist destinations you are going to visit or by food categories.

Google Maps

You must be very familiar with this application, especially if you are an Android phone user. Google Maps is a navigation application that can help you show directions to your destination.

When in Japan, this application not only can help you to show the directions, but it also can determine the best public transportation option to pick. For example, if you want to use the train when traveling, you only need to select the location of origin, destination, and change the route type to the train icon. This application will show the name of the station closest to your location and what trains you can ride, including the schedules and fares.

Japan Travel

This application has quite complete features, so it can make it very easy for you to meet your needs while you are in Japan, starting from looking for locations of ATMs, tourist information, free WiFi, and the nearest station. You can also see public transportation routes in the future, so you can estimate travel fares on the dates you travel more easily.

 Not only that, but you can also create your own itinerary in this application. All you have to do is enter a list of places you want to visit and the estimated date and time of your visit. The advantage of this application is that if you create an itinerary in it, you can easily see the recommended public transportation routes.

Once you have installed the applications above, you don't need to worry about getting lost during your trip. As long as you have a fast internet connection, you can use one of the three applications for your needs. Make sure you use an internet network provider that can reach all areas of Japan, whether you use a domestic provider or rent a WiFi modem package in Japan.

You should not hesitate to ask for help from public transportation officers or the local people when you face difficulties. If you plan to enjoy the city at nighttime, make sure you check the last hour of the public transportation you use. Don't let yourself get stranded and can't return to your accommodation because you missed the last train or bus that night.

So, are you ready to travel to Japan? May you have a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

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