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Rammang-Rammang, the Second Largest Karst Cluster in the World

About 32 kilometers north of Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, South Sulawesi, there is a cluster of karst cliffs covering 42,000 hectares. Rammang-Rammang, the name of the karst cluster, is one of the sites in the UNESCO Global Geopark area, Maros Pangkep Geopark, a great destination to visit for those who like adventure in the wild nature. Let’s dive into the complete review of this natural tourist destination!

Maros Pangkep UNESCO Global Geopark

According to the page, Maros Pangkep UNESCO Global Geopark has outstanding geological elements—including archaeological, ecological and cultural values—which administratively covers an area of 223,629 hectares and the Spermonde Coral Reef Islands covering an area of 88,965 hectares.

The Rammang-Rammang karst cluster is one of 31 geological sites in the geopark area. Yet, Rammang-Rammang is very special because it is the second largest karst cluster in the world, after the South China Karst in China.

Rammang-Rammang Karst Cluster

The name Rammang-Rammang is derived from the word in the Makassar language, which means cloud or fog. According to Muhammad Ikhwan (or Iwan Dento), the chairman of the Rammang-Rammang Tourism Awareness Group, the name refers to the natural condition around the karst cluster, which is always covered in thick clouds or fog in the morning.

The vast area is dominated by limestone rock formations that rise at 100 meters, with the land being stretches of green rice fields of the local villagers and the crystalline rivers flowing between them. There are also ponds, plantations, residential areas, waterfalls, around 1,250 historical caves, 1,340 flora and fauna, as well as 123 cultures of the local communities.

Adventurous travelers will definitely feel amazed and excited to explore various areas here. To explore this magnificent green landscape, you can walk and take a boat with the local people who have lived for a long time in this karst cliff forest area.

Activities to do in Rammang-Rammang

Here are some activities you can do when visiting the second-largest karst cluster in the world:

  • Enjoying life like the people of Berua Village.

Berua Village is one of the main iconic tourist attractions in this area. Here, there are around 15 to 20 families who live in stilt houses and work as farmers or fish breeders.

  • Going along the Puteh River.

According to detiksulsel, this is the only way to reach Berua Village. For this reason, you need to do the mallopi (boat riding activity) when you go to Rammang-Rammang.

  • Taking photographs of scenic landscapes.

The views captured by the eyes cannot be compared to those captured by the camera. Even so, it would be great to take the time to photograph the magical landscapes in this area. Don't forget to bring your camera. Some photogenic spots that you need to capture are karst cliffs, the Puteh River, and stone forests.

  • Touching the fresh water of Bidadari Lake.

The Lake is located not far from the Puteh River. This object, which is between the karst walls of 5 to 6 meters, is also believed by local residents to be a place for bathing and gathering of angels (bidadari).

  • Exploring traces of prehistoric life in the ancient caves.

In addition to nature tourism, you can also take a historical tour in the ancient caves, which hold traces of the oldest civilization in the world. In the caves, you can find artifacts such as hand paintings in caves, prehistoric rocks, and others.

How to get to Rammang-Rammang

Are you now increasingly interested in visiting the second largest karst cluster in the world in Maros Regency, South Sulawesi? To reach Rammang-Rammang, you can take the Trans Mamminasata Bus from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport to Maros Train Station. From there, you can continue your journey by another tour bus to the main pier at Rammang-Rammang.

For more convenience, you can also take a taxi or rent a car from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport to the main pier in Rammang-Rammang. To enter this area, you only need to spend Rp10,000 per person.

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