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Different Colors of Tulips and Their Meanings

Did you know what country first cultivated tulips? The answer is Turkey around the year 1,000 AD. But, in the 16th century, tulips were brought to Europe by a biologist named Carolus Clusius, and their popularity rose in the 17th century.

Common Meanings of Tulips

Like every flower, tulips carry specific meanings. In general, tulips have three common meanings:

  • Deep love. Classic and beloved for centuries, tulips symbolize deep love. This includes love for a partner, children, parents, or other close family members.
  • Rebirth. Blooming early in spring, tulips depict a sense of rebirth. This does not necessarily refer to literal “birth” but can symbolize starting a new chapter, finding renewed spirit, or welcoming a new family member.
  • Charity. The tulip imagery has been used as an icon or a symbol of charity since the Victorian era.

In addition to the three common meanings, several countries also have slightly different meanings for tulips, such as:

  • UK: Represents perfect love and nobility, used to express feelings that cannot be spoken with words.
  • USA: Symbolizes the balance between humans and nature or the harmony between humans and the earth.

Meanings of Tulips by Color

Besides the common meanings, choosing the right color of tulips allows you to express feelings more accurately. This is because different colors of tulips carry different meanings.

  • White tulip. Signifies forgiveness, honor, and purity. White tulips are often given as apologies. They are also frequently used in religious activities.
  • Yellow tulip. Represents joy and hope. Many believe that giving yellow tulips brings happiness to the recipient. Planting them is also believed to be bringing luck.
  • Red tulip. Symbolizes eternal love and passion. Given to a partner, red tulips are a heartfelt expression of love. In addition, they can be used as wedding decorations to signify everlasting love.
  • Pink tulip. Represents affection, love, attention, and good wishes. Pink tulips are a way to express affection and love towards friends or family. You can also give them to someone to let them know you care for them.
  • Purple tulip. In the 1500’s, Queen Elizabeth forbade anyone except royal family members from wearing purple, symbolizing nobility and exceptionality. Similarly, purple tulips can be given to someone special to convey that in your eyes, they are exceptional.

Tulip Tourism in Japan

If you wish to witness beautiful tulip gardens, consider visiting Tonami Park in Japan. From 23 April to 5 May 2024, the Tonami Tulip Fair will be held there. The festival will showcase the beauty of three million tulips from 300 varieties, which will be a feast for your eyes. 

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Happy tulip sightseeing!

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