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Recommendations for Family Travel Destinations in Tokyo

When traveling to Japan, Tokyo is one city you should not miss. Besides being the capital of Japan and the country’s economic hub, you would not want to miss the numerous travel destinations in Tokyo the city has to offer.

Before discussing various travel destinations in Tokyo, let’s dive into more details about the city!

Tokyo, the Capital of Japan

Tokyo’s journey to becoming the capital of Japan began 400 years ago. The city of Tokyo was formerly known as Edo and began to progress when Tokugawa Ieyasu, the most powerful shogun who unified the Japanese empire, established the Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo in 1603.

Edo itself was initially founded as a village in the Kamakura Period (1185-1333) and obtained its name from Edo Shigenaga, the Governor of the region during that period. By 1721, Edo managed to become the most populous city and the political and commercial center of Japan, facilitated by the Tokugawa Shogunate. At that time, the shogun’s power even surpassed that of the emperor.

During that era, Edo’s position was crucial for Japan’s politics and economy. However, the capital of Japan was still Kyoto, the residence of the Emperor. The transition of Japan’s capital from Kyoto to Tokyo began during the Meiji Restoration. At that time, supporters of Emperor Meiji attempted to restore him to the throne.

In 1867, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the last shogun, surrendered his position and authority to the Emperor after being defeated by the imperial army. This transfer also included surrendering Edo, which was previously under his jurisdiction. Subsequently, Edo became the new residence of the Emperor, and the following year, Edo was renamed Tokyo.

Recommendations for Family Travel Destinations in Tokyo

Now that you know a brief history of Tokyo, it is time to find out recommendations for travel destinations in Tokyo that you can visit with family.

1. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is one of the main towers in Japan, especially in Tokyo, and it primarily serves as a broadcasting tower. However, the tower also functions as a travel destination in Tokyo with various supporting facilities. Tokyo Tower stands at a height of 332.9 m, and you can climb to its top to enjoy a scenic view of the city of Tokyo from above. If you are afraid of heights, you can also explore the lower level, which houses many shopping centers and well-known restaurants. To enjoy all the tourist facilities here, you can purchase the “Main Deck 1-Day Unlimited Pass” for ¥2,200 for adults, ¥1,800 for ages 16-18, ¥1,200 for ages 7-15, and ¥800 for ages 4-6.To get to Tokyo Tower, from Tokyo Station, you can walk to Otemachi Station and take the Express Ebina train (Mita Line) to Onamarimon Station. Then, walk for 750 m to Tokyo Tower. The ticket fare is ¥180.

2. Tokyo Skytree

Similar to Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree serves as a broadcasting tower. Its construction was necessary as the height of Tokyo Tower was no longer adequate to facilitate optimum performance, thus requiring a taller tower to be built. Tokyo Skytree stands at a height of 634 m.Like Tokyo Tower, this place is also open to the public and can be visited for touring with your family. If you are interested in visiting, you can purchase the “Tembo Deck (350 m) + Galleria (450 m) - Sameday” pass online for ¥3,100 for adults, ¥2,350 for ages 12-17, and ¥1,450 for ages 6-11.To get to Tokyo Skytree, from Tokyo Station, you can walk to Otemachi Station and take the Local Nishi-Funabashi (Tozai Line) train to Nihombashi Station, then transfer to the Local Imbanihon-Idai (Asakusa Line) train to Oshiage Station. The ticket fare you need to pay is ¥290.

3. Tokyo Imperial Palace

Based on the history of Tokyo discussed above, this city hosts a castle that serves as the residence of the Emperor and his family. You can see this castle by visiting the Tokyo Imperial Palace. It is located near Tokyo Station, only about 500 m away, so you can reach it by walking.

When visiting this castle, you can see Nijubashi, which are two bridges that serve as the entrance to the courtyard and palace. Unfortunately, the inner grounds of the palace are not open to the public except on 2 January and 23 February. However, you can join a guided tour that takes about 75 minutes to gain a deeper understanding of the castle area.

4. Disneyland and DisneySea

Disneyland and DisneySea are very popular amusement parks in Tokyo. Disneyland covers an area of ​​110 ha, was built in 1983, and is the first Disney park to go international. DisneySea covers an area of ​​176 ha, was built in 2001, and is the only DisneySea in the world.

Both offer adorable Disney atmospheres. So, you are free to choose to take your family to Disneyland or DisneySea. Or, you can take your family to visit both places on different days. The price for a 1-day pass to Disneyland is ¥10,900 for adults, ¥9,000 for ages 12-17, and ¥5,600 for ages 4-11. The same pricing applies to the DisneySea pass.

To get to Tokyo Disneyland, from Tokyo Station, you can take the Local Fuchu-Hommachi (Keiyō Line) train to Maihama Station, then walk about 600 m. The ticket fare you need to pay is ¥230. You can take the same route to go to Tokyo DisneySea.

Don’t these various travel destinations in Tokyo sound exciting? Of course, besides the places mentioned above, Tokyo still has many other interesting places for you to visit. So, you will definitely not get bored even if you do not visit other prefectures when traveling to Japan.

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