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Let’s Go Tax-Free Shopping at Don Quijote Store in Japan!

Taxes are often a consideration for many when they go shopping for goods. This is reasonable since generally tax is charged at a percentage of the price of goods. So, the higher the price of the goods you buy, the higher the tax you have to pay.

Apparently, in Japan, here are shops that not only offer lots of discounts but are also tax-free for customers who meet the requirements. One of these shops is the Don Quijote Store which can be found in various areas of Japan. Are you interested in shopping in the Don Quijote Store? Let’s find out more about this shop first!

Locations of Don Quijote Stores

Don Quijote Stores sells a variety of daily necessities and other products for various groups of customers, such as people who want to look for typical Japanese souvenirs at competitive prices and people who prioritize certain brands. The goods are very diverse, such as medicines, cosmetics, food, and many others.

The main advantage of shopping in this store is that the prices are very affordable, even if you choose top branded goods. Many of the staff members who work here also understand foreign languages. So, international consumers can also easily communicate with them when looking for the goods they need.

The Don Quijote Store has hundreds of branches across Japan and several other countries. In Japan, you can find the stores in almost all prefectures, including:

  1. Hokkaido
  2. Aomori
  3. Kyoto
  4. Nara
  5. Okinawa

If you plan to visit Japan and are interested in coming to the store, then you can open the website of the Don Quijote Store to find out the exact location of the store near you.

Conditions for Tax-Free Shopping/Claiming Tax-Free at the Don Quijote Store

As a foreign tourist, you can get a tax-free facility when shopping at this store. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, do you? So, let’s find out about the requirements to be able to benefit from the tax-free facility:

  1. Present your passport or landing permit
  2. Not a resident of Japan or do not live in Japan
  3. The time limit is within six months from the date of entry into Japan
  4. Staying in Japan as a tourist

In addition to foreign citizens, this facility also applies to Japanese people who live abroad. This facility is intended for Japanese citizens abroad who come back to Japan only to visit their hometown or take a vacation, with a maximum time limit of six months. Of course, the requirements for Japanese citizens will be different.


Rules for Purchasing Tax-Free Products/Claiming Tax-Free

After you know how to be eligible the tax-free facility when shopping at the Don Quijote Store, knowing about the following rules for purchasing tax-free goods in Japan below is also as important:

  1. A minimum total purchase of JPY 5,500/receipt and a maximum of JPY 500,000/day for consumable goods
  2. You are not eligible for this facility if you enter Japan through an automatic gate, because you will not get a stamp verifying your entry date
  3. If the payment is by credit card, the name on the credit card must be the same as the name on the passport
  4. For consumable goods, the goods purchased will be packaged in a special sealed packaging.
  5. The seal must not be opened, so the goods cannot be used unless you have left Japan. If you violate this, you will be asked to pay the tax on the products you use
  6. You can only buy goods for personal needs, not for commercial purposes

So, are you interested in going to Japan and doing tax-free shopping there? After preparing your passport and visa, don't forget to buy Travel Insurance to Japan from MSIG Indonesia, so that you can travel and experience your trip worry-free. When you arrive in Japan, all you have to do is look for the location of a Don Quijote Store closest to you.

Have fun traveling and shopping in Japan. After buying the tax-free goods, keep in mind the various rules listed above, so you don't experience any problems when you return to Indonesia.

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