Promo 10 Feb 2024

Claim Your 5% Discount at Don Quijote Japan Quickly Here!

Here is how to get a 5% discount coupon for shopping at Don Quijote Japan:

  1. Purchase MSIG Travel Insurance (Overseas) through MSIG Online at
  2. Only valid for the destination Japan.
  3. Only valid for the purchase of packages Leisure B, Leisure C, and Family B.
  4. MSIG will send a URL link to redeem the digital coupon to the registered email within a maximum of 5 working days from the purchase date of Travel Insurance.


Terms and Conditions of Coupon Usage:

  1. Digital coupons will be sent via registered email in the form of a URL link.
  2. Digital coupons will be sent 5 working days after purchase travel insurance.
  3. To redeem digital coupon, click URL link then click coupon banner to display the barcode.
  4. Show barcode to the cashier before payment.
  5. Not eligible in screenshots, all customers should access the coupon through URL link.
  6. Applicable all over Japan Don Quijote, Apita and Piago. (available at about 600 stores)
  7. Coupon can be used at any time with no expiry date.
  8. Coupon can be redeemed once.
  9. The discount is 5% with no maximum discount limit, with a minimum purchase of 10,000 yen is required (excluding tax) or more per account.
  10. The following products are not eligible for discount.
    • Alcohol, cigarettes, game consoles, POSA card/gift-card, an item that priced over 100,000 yen (excluding tax) or more per item.
  11. Cannot be used in combination with other discounts or services.
  12. Discounts cannot be applied to the presentation of coupons after payment is completed.

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