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Going to Your Hometown by Plane? Follow These Tips for a Safe & Comfortable Travel!

Returning to one’s hometown, known as “mudik” in Indonesia, is an annual tradition observed by many Indonesians, particularly during religious holidays, such as the Eid holidays. “Mudik” is a meaningful moment often filled with meeting, gathering, and reconnecting with family members who have been separated by distance for a long time. Many also use the occasion to reminisce with childhood friends and schoolmates.

So, are you traveling back to your hometown this year? If yes, what mode of transportation will you choose? Plane? Yes, plane is often the preferred mode of transportation for “mudik” because it saves more time compared to other options. Now, to make your travel safe and comfortable, let’s read some tips for flying home given throughout this article!

Book Your Tickets in Advance

As the Eid holidays approach, there is typically a surge in the purchase of plane tickets compared to regular days. Book or reserve your tickets well in advance to ensure you have tickets on D-day. For example, one to three months before you plan to travel back home.

Besides avoiding being left with no tickets, booking early might get you a much cheaper deal compared to buying them just a week prior. If you purchase through an Online Travel Agent (OTA), you might also have the chance to snag tickets at promotional prices.

Wondering how to buy a plane ticket through an OTA? Let’s check out the following tips!

  • First, fill in your travel date, route, and flight class (business or economy) information on the app.
  • Activate “filter” and choose your desired filters, such as one-way, round-trip, direct, or connecting flights. 
  • Provide your complete personal information and phone number, along with any other required information by the airline.
  • Do not forget to read all the terms and conditions applied by the airline (conditions of carriage) to understand both your and the airline’s rights and obligations.

Pack Carefully

Packing is one of the exciting moments when are preparing to travel back to your hometown. To avoid leaving anything behind, it is best to pack one or two days before your departure. When packing, be meticulous and if necessary, create a list of items to bring, especially gifts for the family. 

Bringing only what is necessary is always a good idea so you will be able to handle your luggage. Worry not, most airlines provide a free baggage allowance of up to 20 kg, so if you have suitcases, you can check them in as part of your baggage. If you want to bring hand-carries into the cabin, the weight allowed is only up to a maximum of 7 kg.

As for liquids like toiletries larger than 100 ml, storing them in your checked baggage is better. For laptops, cash, and other valuable items, put them in a different bag or always carry them wherever you go. Your travel can be safe without the hassle of carrying a lot of things!

Check In Online and Come Early

These days, airlines provide online check-in for passengers, both through their apps and websites. Normally, online check-in is available 24 hours to 4 hours before departure. To ease your mind, you can check in online and choose your desired seat (some airlines charge you an additional fee for picking the seat you want).

Even though you have checked in online, you should come early to the airport before your departure time, especially if you have items to check into the baggage. To avoid rushing, you should arrive at the airport two hours before departure.

If you have no baggage to check, you can come an hour before departure. However, always pay attention to the time you need to reach the airport—whether there is traffic or not—to avoid being late.

Prepare Your ID and Boarding Pass

Remember to prepare your ID and boarding pass in advance to ensure a smooth travel. Place both in a safe and easily accessible place, such as your backpack. It is important because you need to show these documents several times before boarding the plane.

Avoid putting them in a hard-to-find place because you will be one of many waiting in line to check in at the counter. Many others also want to check in and put their baggage in. If you take too long when it is your turn, it will undoubtedly annoy other passengers. So, make sure not to do that!

Those are some tips you can follow if you plan to return to your hometown by plane. To keep your travel safe, protect yourself with Travel Insurance from MSIG Indonesia. In addition to providing protection, having insurance will help you control your costs during the trip by compensating you for lost items, flight delays, and so on.

Purchase MSIG travel insurance to protect you from the moment you leave until you return home. As long as the risks that occur do not fall into the exclusion clause and meet the provisions stated in the insurance policy, your “mudik” travel will be even more enjoyable!

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